Yannick Van Camp

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Industrial Engineering: Electronics-ICT, Specialization: Intelligent Electronics @ Campus Group T

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  • Space, Science & Technology

  • Video Games

  • Climbing

  • Anime

  • Dubstep and Drum & Bass

  • Fashion

  • US & International Politics

  • Psychology

  • Learning new things

"Go hard or don't go at all."

Hey, I'm Yannick! I am the Electronics Engineer and Social Media Manager at Aether. I'm a rational and critical thinker who likes to learn and has lots of interests, but I'm also full of energy and love to have fun! My biggest passions have always been space and computers, but the last few years I had kind of put space aside because I didn't think there was a lot of work in the space industry in Belgium. Until I met Aether for my master's thesis. I went on a couple company visits with them and was surprised to learn how big the satellite industry actually is here. This reignited my passion for space and made me realize that I want to work in the aerospace industry, starting now at Aether.