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The Aether team brings together young engineers who are passionate about space and space technology. We are designing a CubeSat: a nanosatellite consisting of 10x10x10 cm units. In the past decade, the CubeSat standard has enabled countless new innovations in the space industry. We want to design a satellite that can survive the fiery atmospheric re-entry and land at a pre-determined location on Earth. This allows us to retrieve the scientific experiments on board: bringing sample recovery to the small and accessible CubeSat platform!

Aether is currently looking for students who are passionate about aerospace and who want to work on the next generation of CubeSats. Are you approaching the end of your academic career? Are you looking to gain some experience working on an exciting team project? Keep reading to get to know Aether.

Are you ready for the biggest challenge of your life?

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Be part of the first ever team to return a CubeSat
But returning a CubeSat isn’t that never done before? Yes that is right! We will be the first ever team to perform a sample return mission using CubeSats. Aether has set this ambitious goal to revolutionise the way CubeSats are seen and used. Isn’t that exiting? You can be part of this team.
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Become the next space pioneer
Aether is the perfect opportunity to kickstart your career in the field of aerospace. Gain experience in designing an exciting space mission, get to know the business around aerospace and gain experience in the state of the art technologies.
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Gain experience in various fields
Next to the technological challenges you will gain experience in many different fields related to the business around Aether. Create a name for Aether, attend events, expand Aether’s and your own network, gather funding for the project. So… as Barny Stinson from How I Met Your Mother would say: “Suit up and be awesome!”
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Not just building a satellite
Not convinced yet? No worries our biggest asset still has to come. During the time you work for Aether, you will make friends for life. You work together, study together, party together and the most exciting part of the whole project, watch together how our satellite is launched and recover it after a successful landing. When you join our team, prepare for the most exciting year(s) of your life!

Open positions

We are currently looking for students to join our team next year. Checkout our open positions to see if one fits you.


Postgraduate programme

Aether is part of the postgraduate Tech Innovations in Ventures and Teams. The postgraduate Tech Innovations in Ventures and Team is a postgraduate that gives you the opportunity to gain unique experience in business or entrepreneurship while working on an innovative team project. The program consists of a minimum of 56 credits, with 44 credits for the team project and a minimum of 12 credits for a personal training program.

More information can be found on the website of the postgraduate:


Aether is supported by Master and bachelor students who devote their thesis to doing research for the satellite. This theses go from technological development of the satellite to marketing, communication or management related topics. If you are interested to do a thesis within Aether, feel free to contact us.

Thesis subjects


Maybe you are in an earlier phase of your studies, and not yet ready to commit to the full postgraduate programme, but still want to contribute to the team? Don’t worry! You can apply to join as a volunteer, and we will try to find a place for you in our project that suits both you and our mission.

Volunteer projects

Become a member of the team

If you are interested in joining the team you can fill in this form or send a motivation letter to Click here for email.. Applications are open now!

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