What is Aether

The Aether Student CubeSat team brings together young Belgian engineers who are passionate about space technology. We are designing a CubeSat: a nano-satellite small enough to hold in your hand. In the past decade, the CubeSat standard has enabled countless new innovations in the space industry, and we are determined to uphold this tradition!

Aether is focusing on the area of re-entry: creating the technology that will allow future CubeSats to safely re-enter the atmosphere and land on Earth after carrying out their experiments in orbit. This will allow scientists to analyse samples and get even more results out of their experiments, and all this with the affordability and accessibility that come with the CubeSat platform!

“In ancient Greek mythology, the Aether is the air that the gods breathe, higher up than our normal air”

The Project

A sample return CubeSat isn’t that quite difficult you may ask? Yes it is! That is why we will split up the whole process into three CubeSat sub missions. The first mission will focus on the heatshield technology. The second CubeSat will perform a targeted de-orbit. And the last mission will include the soft landing mechanism. Interested in our complete plan?

The plan

The Team

A big, strong team is required for every successful project. Our team consists of motivated young engineers with different backgrounds, interests and skills. Next to the main working force, our team has coaches who help with various tasks going from finance to electronics to external relationships and much more. Want to know more about the members?

Our team

How do I apply?

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Are you interested in space?

Are you a team player?

Do you have a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship?

Are you currently in your master or last bachelor?

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Thesis and Volunteer projects

Would you like to contribute to the team in a different way? Aether provides thesis subjects for master students relevant for our team and the satellite. Are you not yet able to join the team as a postgraduate student but still want to contribute as a volunteer? Have a look at our volunteer projects!

Thesis & Volunteer